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What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye that affects your vision. Cataracts are commonly related to aging and can occur in one or both eyes. Cataracts are typically age related but can also be caused by other factors: Surgery for other eye problems, traumatic injuries to the eye, cataract development at birth or in early childhood, and from certain types of radiation. Some of the symptoms of a cataract are blurry or cloudy vision, faded colors, a glare with bright sunlight or halos around headlights, poor night vision, double vision, and frequent prescription changes in your eyeglasses or contact lenses. Dr. Lutz can help you determine if you have a cataract and the best treatment options based on your symptoms. Prescription eyeglasses with an anti-glare coating and polarized sunglasses can be helpful in treating the symptoms of a new cataract. Dr. Lutz works closely with many specialists in the area and will be able to recommend a specialist to remove the cataract once vision loss interferes with your ability to do everyday activities.

“Am I a Candidate for LASIK?”

womans-eye-lasikLASIK is a surgical procedure that helps to correct vision by removing tissue and reshaping the front surface of the eye. There are many factors that will determine whether one is a good candidate for LASIK or other refractive procedures. During your visit to our office, Dr. Lutz will sit down with you and discuss different options for you and whether refractive surgery is good decision. If you are a candidate, he can coordinate with surgeons in the area to make sure your eyes are taken care of so that you can have a successful outcome that meets your expectations. Not a candidate? Don’t worry, we still have great ways of correcting your vision, and can keep you updated as technologies change.

Care Before and After Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of safest and most successful surgeries that can be performed. Cataract surgery involves removing the old clouded lens of your eye and replacing it with a new clear lens. In the past 10 years, technology has advanced to improve accuracy of results and minimize downtime for patients. Many patients have the ability to become less dependent on glasses after surgery and will remark that they have “never had vision this good!” Dr. Lutz works closely with your surgeon to ensure that proper care is done prior to your surgery appointment and will be happy to handle your care after surgery to minimize travel time and allow you to continue care with a doctor you know and trust.

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