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Some of the Brands We Carry

We carry the latest styles from designers like eco®, Maui Jim®, Ray­Ban®, Lily Pulitzer®, Costa®, Kate Spade®, and many others. We also offer a variety budget conscious frames for those who would like a designer look without the designer price. Our staff works hard to ensure that our selection remains fresh so that you can find a style that is perfect for you. Don’t see exactly what you like? We will work to find a style that you like and special order it if necessary.

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Prescription Glasses

Many of us received our first pair of glasses because we had difficulty seeing something. Whether it was difficulty seeing the board in school or trouble with reading your favorite book, we found that wearing glasses helped us accomplish the difficult task with ease and clarity. For those of us blessed with sight, we use this sense as our primary way of processing the world around us. When your vision is impaired, wearing prescription eyewear allows you to see objects clearly and easily. Along with helping us see clearly, glasses can also protect our eyes from our surroundings. Lenses can be equipped with coatings to block glare from computer screens, headlights, and smart phones. Therefore, it may be that you could benefit from having different pairs of glasses depending on where you are and what daily tasks you have to accomplish. Our staff members will help you determine the best prescription eyewear for you depending on your day to day tasks.

Children’s Prescription Eyewear

Children learn through looking at the world around them so it’s important to make sure that your child is seeing clearly. Children are very good at adapting to poor vision and many times will pass school and pediatrician screenings. It is important to schedule an examination for your child even if they are not complaining of poor vision to ensure that they are seeing things clearly, that their eyes are working together as a unit and that their eyes are developing fully. In the case that your child does need glasses, we provide the utmost care and precision to make sure they adjust well to wearing glasses and that their eyes are protected. We always use a shatter resistant lens material to protect their eyes in case something were to hit their glasses. We are aware that wearing glasses can be a source of anxiety for some children, which is why we carry a wide selection of children’s frames so that they can find a frame that makes them feel confident and comfortable. After all, a child is much more likely to wear their glasses if they like how they look and feel.


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