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After Hours Care

Doesn’t it seem like problems always happen when nobody is open. At Wendell Eye Care, we understand that emergencies don’t always happen during normal business hours. To give you piece of mind when these emergencies happen, we offer after hours care. Our phone system will connect you directly to Dr. Lutz when an emergency occurs and the office is closed. This allows Dr. Lutz the ability to determine the urgency of the problem and to see if an office visit is needed. Dr. Lutz is always more than willing to meet you at his office to relieve your pain or give you peace of mind. No more sitting in the emergency department waiting room for hours, just come see Dr. Lutz and experience the personalized touch of a local doctor who cares about you.

Eye Injuries

The eye is a very sensitive part of the body with millions of nerve endings at its’ surface. If you have ever had a piece of dirt blow into your eye, you know how irritating this can be. That is why Dr. Lutz has a passion for treating eye injuries that cause pain or discomfort. He prides himself in getting patients into the office quickly, relieving their pain and making sure they have a speedy and successful recovery. Dr. Lutz has specialized eye equipment that will allow him to determine the cause of the injury and fix the problem quickly so that you can go about your day as comfortable as possible.

Eye Safety

safety-glassesEach day about 2000 eye injuries occur in the workplace requiring medical treatment, and most times this can be prevented with proper safety protection and protocols. Injuries on the job can come from grinding metal or blowing leaves causing cuts or scratches on the surface of the eye. Other injuries can occur from splashing chemicals, grease, or burns from radiation or welding torches. Injuries can also happen around the home when working in the yard or playing with the kids. Sports such as basketball, racquetball, baseball, and football can cause injuries of the eyes or surrounding tissues of adults and children. Dr. Lutz and his staff work with patients to provide different options to help protect their eyes from potential harm, and if needed, help manufacture appropriate protective eyewear.

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