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doctor-with-eye-exam-equipmentEye Exams

Our comprehensive eye examinations allow us to observe the health of your eyes along with the role your eyes play in the health of your entire body. During the exam, Dr. Lutz will review your medical history, medications, and any questions or concerns that you may have in order to make sure that each problem is addressed during your visit. He will perform a refraction (a fancy word for finding out how strong to make your glasses) to determine what correction is needed to help you see clearly at all distances. This is a great time to discuss whether glasses, contacts, or surgical intervention is right for you. Most comprehensive examinations include dilation to monitor the health inside your eyes and ensure that any whole body conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure have not affected your eyes. If you have any issues with having your eyes dilated, please speak to Dr. Lutz or one of his staff members about having an Optomap exam done in lieu of dilation.

Medical Eye Exams

Medical eye exams deal with a more in depth look at a medical problem that is affecting your eyes or vision. Common exam issues range from diabetic eye exams and examining for drug toxicity to monitoring for damage from glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration. Dr. Lutz is equipped with state of the art equipment to help diagnose and monitor the progression of many visual impairing eye conditions. He also has a great relationship with many area primary care doctors and eye surgeons to help coordinate care so that you are always receiving the most individualized care possible.


Wendell Eye Care is excited to offer the Optomap retinal exam as an option to enhance your comprehensive examination. The Optomap (often called Optos) is a panoramic image of your retina that is fast, comfortable and painless. By simply looking into a key sized hole, Dr. Lutz will be able to take a picture that captures 80% of your retina. This ultra widefield retinal image provides an in depth look into your eye that allows early detection of life threatening diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke. With early detection, Dr. Lutz is able to treat retinal disease early in order to help prevent vision impairment and blindness.

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