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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contacts allow you to have a brand new, fresh set of comfortable contacts every day. They are the healthiest, safest way to wear contacts by allowing you to minimize risks such as infections, contact lens solution intolerance, and allergy to materials. Patients don’t have to worry about cleaning contact lenses each night or remember when it’s time to throw away old contacts like with a biweekly or monthly wearing schedule. This is a great option for kids and adults alike and can come in most prescriptions including bifocal and astigmatism correction.

Multi­Focal Contact Lenses

Once we reach our mid 40’s, it becomes difficult to focus on near objects. Reading glasses used to be our only option for clear vision, but now we can offer contacts as well. Multi-focal contacts allow patients to see clearly at distance, intermediate, and near ranges while still enjoying an active lifestyle. How many of you would love to be on vacation or golfing while not having to worry about bringing along reading glasses for clear vision? The best part is they can be worn on a part time or full time schedule depending on what fits best with your routine. For your convenience, multi-focal contact lenses are also available as daily disposables so you don’t have to worry about buying solution or cleaning your contacts each day.

Contact Lens Training

We at Wendell Eye Care know that inserting and removing contact lenses can cause a lot of anxiety. We also understand that this can be a barrier to people wanting to try contacts, or believing that they are good candidates. When you decide to try contact lenses, Dr. Lutz and his staff will sit down with you and spend time showing you the proper way to insert and remove contact lenses to maximize comfort and minimize anxiety. We will be sure to select contacts that fit your lifestyle while maintaining excellent eye health and comfort. And don’t worry if it doesn’t come as easy to you as others, our staff will make sure you are well trained and not rushed through the process. You will only be charged one contact lens fitting fee even if it takes you multiple visits to master the technique.

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