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Wendell Eye Care’s Protocol to Address COVID-19

We are committed to doing our part to help keep our community healthy by reducing the chances of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If you or someone in your home is feeling ill or has a fever, please call our office to reschedule your appointment for another time.

Our office is open for routine and medical eye exams. We are currently operating at a slower pace than normal in order to ensure that we are doing our part in reducing the chances of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Please be patient with us during this time as we are trying our best to get everyone into the office in a timely manner. The following protocols have been put in place for the safety of our staff and patients:

  • All patients should call the office to check in for their appointment and wait in the car until a staff member comes to get you for your appointment. New patients: please try to fill out all necessary paperwork on our website under the patient resources tab – new patient registration form. If you do not fill out your paperwork ahead of time, please arrive 15 min early for your appointment and someone will bring paperwork for you to fill out in your car.
  • We will perform a temperature scan and provide hand sanitizer to all patients entering the office. Each patient must wear a mask while in the office. If you do not have a mask, we have masks available for purchase for $2. Please let our staff know if you will need a mask upon arrival.
  • All patients picking up contact lenses or glasses should wait in their vehicle and call the office and a staff member will bring your contact lenses and/or glasses out to you to reduce the number of people in our office at one time. Please call our office to schedule an appointment for glasses adjustments and dispenses.
  • All non-essential visitors will be asked to wait outside of the office. We are asking that our scheduled patients not bring in non-scheduled family members or friends with them to their appointments unless the scheduled patient is a child, in which a parent may be present with the child for the appointment. Both the child and parent must wear a mask for the appointment.

We have always strived to keep our office clean and are ramping up efforts even more during this pandemic. The following protocol has been put in place:

  • Our office is being thoroughly cleaned multiple times throughout the day.
  • All employees will wear a mask while at work and will have temperature readings taken in the morning and afternoon each day.
  • Each exam room is cleaned after each patient.
  • All surface areas such as door handles, counter tops, pens, equipment, etc are being wiped with hydrochloric acid multiple times throughout the day.
  • Eyeglasses are sanitized after each encounter prior to being placed back up on the board.
  • We are also doing a thorough deep cleaning at the end of each day.
  • All employees practice thorough hand hygiene techniques before and after each patient encounter.
  • Our schedule has been adjusted to decrease the number of patients in the office at one time.
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