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Costa® sunglasses were created to help fishermen see life clearly and protect their eyes. They have now grown but still with the goal to help people see life clearly in all of their life’s adventures. The unique feature that we love about Costa® sunglasses is the variety of lenses they offer for all types of lighting conditions and the lifetime warranty on their frames. They offer 6 different lens colors for bright light to low light settings:

  • Blue Mirror (gray base) lenses are used for time spent on the beach, offshore fishing, and in areas with harsh sunlight
  • Green Mirror (copper base) lenses enhance visual acuity and eliminate glare in order to help you see clearly in harsh sunlight
  • Silver Mirror (copper base) lenses are the most versatile lenses and are excellent for cloudy days and everyday activities
  • Gray lenses allow for contrast in medium and bright conditions for everyday activities
  • Copper lenses cut glare and allow for enhanced contrast and color for everyday activities like driving
  • Sunrise lenses are specialty lenses ideal for overcast, sunrise and sunset conditions. They are perfect for sight fishing at dawn and dusk.

We are happy to custom order any combination of Costa® frame style and lens color that works best to fit your lifestyle.

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